3,5% savings in utility costs just by checking the bills

Utility Billing survey uncovers remarkable cost saving opportunities

Public Sector energy oversights could be costing the taxpayer £147 million and 3000 jobs

TEAM, the largest outsourced Energy Bureau Service provider in the UK, identified in a recent Utility Billing survey that on average companies can recover 3.5% of their utility costs simply by checking and scrutinising their bills.

In this time of austerity, the public and private sector is throwing millions of pounds down the drain by not checking its utility bills properly, while making scores of staff redundant. The public sector alone with an estimated utility bill of around £4.2billion could save £147m or over 3,000 jobs.

Utility bills are a rich source of information but are complex and difficult to understand for most organisations. In a survey of nearly 200,000 utility bills TEAM (Energy Auditing Agency Ltd), an outsourced Energy Management Bureau, found that cost recoveries could be made on average of 3.5% by checking, querying bills.

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