Case Study: Victorinox (Financial Times)

Victorinox case, by Pablo Cardona and Yih-Teen Lee

The story: Founded in 1884 in Ibach, a small town in the German-speaking part of Switzerland, Victorinox is a popular brand for its famous core product – the Swiss army knife. Victorinox was founded by Karl Elsener in response to the tough economic conditions in the 1880s that were forcing many Swiss to emigrate. He wanted to provide jobs, and do so in the long term. This has remained a cornerstone of the company culture.

Victorinox has been able to grow consistently since its creation, thanks to the high quality of its products and the commitment of staff. As Carl Elsener, chief executive and great-grandson of the founder, has commented, Victorinox has not dismissed an employee for economic reasons for 80 years

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