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Fixing the Problem that Business Travelers Hate Most (HBR blogs)

Tweet Fixing the Problem that Business Travelers Hate Most By Michael Scrage. Friday May 13, 2011. There’s an award-winning doctoral dissertation in marketing, hospitality or behavioral economics to be done on why the world’s most luxurious hotels insist on charging

What do bosses do all day? (The Economist and HBS working paper)

Tweet What do bosses do all day? The shocking truth can at last be revealed May 5th 2011 | from the print edition THANKS to closed doors and fierce gatekeepers, bosses are tricky to observe in their natural habitat. Yet

Maduros…y también rendidores (El País, Uruguay)

Tweet Tras estudiar durante tres años una planta de Mercedes Benz, investigadores alemanes aseguran que con la edad se pierde destreza física, pero en cambio se gana en otras habilidades. Contabilizaron los errores que cometían las personas durante el proceso

The Right to Management Competence (HBR blogs)…or, what to expect from leaders

Tweet Imagine that you’re conducting a performance appraisal with one of your people. You’re discussing a major project that didn’t turn out as hoped and you’ve just asked him why. “Why did it fail?” he says. “Lots of reasons, but

Four Reasons Any Action Is Better than None (HBR)

Tweet It’s well-known that busy people get the most done. Their secret is simple: They never stop moving. Of course, sitting still can be a good thing if it involves renewal, reflection, and focused attention (or having meals with the