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Más allá del autoservicio: los beneficios de hacer trabajar a su cliente (IESE Insight)

Tweet Más allá del autoservicio: los beneficios de hacer trabajar a su cliente Moscoso, Philip G.; Lago Esteban, Alejandro; Amorim, M. Documento original: Putting Your Client to Work: A Good Way to Achieve Great Service at Low Cost? Año: 2010

Mercadona | Spanish ailes | Why a low-price retailer is thriving (The Economist)

Tweet Mercadona Spanish aisles Why a low-price retailer is thriving Jun 2nd 2011 | MADRID | from the print edition FEW domestic firms are prospering in crisis-racked Spain, but Mercadona is. Spain’s largest supermarket (by sales) has enjoyed double-digit growth

From the “You’re the Boss: The Art of Running a Small Business” series (NY Times)

Tweet May 24, 2011, 7:00 am Owner Sets Goals for the Company and Himself By Paul Downs I was on a plane to Utah in March to look at a sander I was considering buying, and during the flight I

Multinational manufacturers: moving back to America (The Economist)

Tweet The dwindling allure of building factories offshore May 12th 2011 | NEW YORK | from the print edition “WHEN clients are considering opening another manufacturing plant in China, I’ve started to urge them to consider alternative locations,” says Hal

Preparing your organization for growth (McKinsey Quarterly)

Tweet Companies that address their organizational weaknesses as they implement growth strategies give themselves an advantage. MAY 2011 • Martin Dewhurst, Suzanne Heywood, and Kirk Rieckhoff Most senior managers pay close attention to the strategic side of growth—the “wheres,” “whens,”