Más allá del autoservicio: los beneficios de hacer trabajar a su cliente (IESE Insight)

Tweet Más allá del autoservicio: los beneficios de hacer trabajar a su cliente Moscoso, Philip G.; Lago Esteban, Alejandro; Amorim, M. Documento original: Putting Your Client to Work: A Good Way to Achieve Great Service at Low Cost? Año: 2010 Los modelos tradicionales de servicio de las empresas son como las producciones teatrales: su objetivo


Mercadona | Spanish ailes | Why a low-price retailer is thriving (The Economist)

Tweet Mercadona Spanish aisles Why a low-price retailer is thriving Jun 2nd 2011 | MADRID | from the print edition FEW domestic firms are prospering in crisis-racked Spain, but Mercadona is. Spain’s largest supermarket (by sales) has enjoyed double-digit growth for most of the past decade. When Juan Roig, the chairman, took over in 1981,


Catalan kings: the management secrets of Barcelona Football Club (The Economist)

Tweet A POPULAR debate among football obsessives concerns whether Barcelona—Barça to its fans—is the best club soccer team the world has ever seen. Is it better than the Santos of the 1960s (which was home to Pelé)? Or the AC Milan of the 1990s? The answer is gloriously unclear. But Barça is surely the finest


From the “You’re the Boss: The Art of Running a Small Business” series (NY Times)

Tweet May 24, 2011, 7:00 am Owner Sets Goals for the Company and Himself By Paul Downs I was on a plane to Utah in March to look at a sander I was considering buying, and during the flight I wrote notes about each of my employees to serve as the nucleus of their employee


Welcome to the Brave New World of Persuasion Profiling (Wired mag)

Tweet The new profiling technique that learns exactly what makes you tick – and buy. By Eli Pariser. April 26th, 2011. Wired May 2011. Welcome, [FIRST NAME], to the era of personalization. Amazon.com recommends books you might like, Netflix tailors your movie menu, and Google customizes your news. And in exchange for this friendly algorithmic


M-powered: Wireless health care (The Economist, 13th Nov)

Wireless health care M-powered The convergence of mobile telephony and health care is under way Nov 11th 2010 | WASHINGTON, DC BILL GATES seems to relish being the skunk at the garden party. The former boss of Microsoft, now a

The other elephant (The Economist 4th Nov)

Schumpeter The other elephant Barack Obama thinks that the rise of India will be good for American jobs. There is another side to the story Nov 4th 2010 ON THE eve of the 2008 New Hampshire primary Bill Clinton finally

How to save lives: five simple rules for running a first-class hospital (The Economist 21st. Oct)

// Health-care management  How to save lives Five simple rules for running a first-class hospital Oct 21st 2010 | From The Economist print edition An early process-optimisation benchmark MEASURING good health, in patients and hospitals alike, is one thing. Finding

How social media changes the way we do business, learn, buy, and relate

This is a remarkably striking video on social media, in the line of the “Did you know?” series first published a few years ago. Welcome to the world of Socialnomics!

The biology of business: Homo administrans (from The Economist print edition 23rd Sep 2010)

The biology of business Homo administrans Biologists have brought rigour to psychology, sociology and even economics. Now they are turning their attention to the softest science of all: management Sep 23rd 2010 SCURRYING around the corridors of the business school