Más allá del autoservicio: los beneficios de hacer trabajar a su cliente (IESE Insight)

Tweet Más allá del autoservicio: los beneficios de hacer trabajar a su cliente Moscoso, Philip G.; Lago Esteban, Alejandro; Amorim, M. Documento original: Putting Your Client to Work: A Good Way to Achieve Great Service at Low Cost? Año: 2010 Los modelos tradicionales de servicio de las empresas son como las producciones teatrales: su objetivo


Mercadona | Spanish ailes | Why a low-price retailer is thriving (The Economist)

Tweet Mercadona Spanish aisles Why a low-price retailer is thriving Jun 2nd 2011 | MADRID | from the print edition FEW domestic firms are prospering in crisis-racked Spain, but Mercadona is. Spain’s largest supermarket (by sales) has enjoyed double-digit growth for most of the past decade. When Juan Roig, the chairman, took over in 1981,


Catalan kings: the management secrets of Barcelona Football Club (The Economist)

Tweet A POPULAR debate among football obsessives concerns whether Barcelona—Barça to its fans—is the best club soccer team the world has ever seen. Is it better than the Santos of the 1960s (which was home to Pelé)? Or the AC Milan of the 1990s? The answer is gloriously unclear. But Barça is surely the finest


From the “You’re the Boss: The Art of Running a Small Business” series (NY Times)

Tweet May 24, 2011, 7:00 am Owner Sets Goals for the Company and Himself By Paul Downs I was on a plane to Utah in March to look at a sander I was considering buying, and during the flight I wrote notes about each of my employees to serve as the nucleus of their employee


Welcome to the Brave New World of Persuasion Profiling (Wired mag)

Tweet The new profiling technique that learns exactly what makes you tick – and buy. By Eli Pariser. April 26th, 2011. Wired May 2011. Welcome, [FIRST NAME], to the era of personalization. Amazon.com recommends books you might like, Netflix tailors your movie menu, and Google customizes your news. And in exchange for this friendly algorithmic


Outsourcing can cut your legal bills (The Economist)

Offshoring your lawyer Outsourcing can cut your legal bills Corporate law Dec 16th 2010 | NEW YORK | from PRINT EDITION How many lawyers does it take to change a light bulb? The answer is 53: eight to argue, four

Facing Business Challenges in 2011 (IESE)

IESE Business School professors outline the key business challenges we will be facing in 2011. See video

How social networking has changed business (Harvard Business Review)

Social networking is the most significant business development of 2010, topping the resurgence of the U.S. automobile industry. During the year, social networking morphed from a personal communications tool for young people into a new vehicle that business leaders are

Case Study: Victorinox (Financial Times)

Victorinox case, by Pablo Cardona and Yih-Teen Lee The story: Founded in 1884 in Ibach, a small town in the German-speaking part of Switzerland, Victorinox is a popular brand for its famous core product – the Swiss army knife. Victorinox

Social awkward media (study by AT Kearney)

Socially Awkward Media What happens when you invite the world’s top 50 brands to an intimate setting and introduce them to the largest consumer audience ever assembled? Not much, according to new research by A.T. Kearney that analyzes the Facebook